Request A Rip

What's that mean?

Whether you want to hear a pressing's master, have a digital version of material that's unavailable otherwise, or some tertiary reason I haven't considered, I'll rip it for you! If it weren't such a tedious process, I'd do it for free, but manual de-clicking, noise removal, and other restoration steps take forever. So yes, there's a small fee. 75ยข per minute of audio, which rounds out, for example, to $30 for a regular 40-minute LP/$7.50 for a 10-minute 7", etc.

What's included?

For that price, you'll get:


"Jen's vinyl rips are both impressive gems and important resources in an era of decreased analog production & persistent over-digitalization of media. Boasting a wide-ranged library from different artists, she has a clear mastery over the artform of ripping and all its intricacies & nuance. If you're on the prowl for somebody to provide hi-res vinyl audio, this is where you'll get your money's worth!"
   - aphoticstarfield

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Twitter: @DecayToDeath