The Pine - Don't Need Regret

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Ripped by request, and scanned too! It's always a shame when something's not available on any format besides vinyl and the sound isn't great to begin with. Don't know if it's the way the album was recorded, the master, or the pressing itself, but this unfortunately falls into that category.


A1 Don't Need Regret 7:06
A2 Freind 2:15
A3 No You 5:31
A4 Strings 3:03
A5 Holding Onto Life 3:42
B1 Xboytreexx 4:30
B2 Bridge 3:12
B3 Living Off A Lie 4:30
B4 Crumbled 5:15
B5 Dead Boat 4:16

Total Runtime: 43:25


Pressing info [Discogs]

Artist: The Pine
Release: Don't Need Regret
Year: 2005
Country: US
Label: Alone Records
Cat#: AL-066
Variant: Black

Rip info

Rip Date: 2022-08-27
Upload Date: 2022-08-27
Resolution: 24-bit/96kHz
Lineage: THORENS TD 209 --> 2M Bronze --> NAD Stereo 3045 --> Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 --> Audacity (recording) --> iZotope RX 9 (manual de-click & noise removal) --> Audacity (normalize & label tracks)

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